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Navoi(120,6 thousand people)
Navoi is a young town of Zeravshan Valley. Up-to-date methods of building of a big modern city in burning conditions of desert (sun protection, through aeration, etc.), were worked out and applied first here to make provision for maximum convenience of inhabitants. Navoi is greened well, there are plenty of shaded squares and beautiful fountains. It neither has dull low outskirts nor multiple repetitions of standard designs that lead to creation of monotonous development of residential areas. Also the artificial lake was constructed for recreation of citizens.
Navoi is the capital of Navoi region (viloyat) where agriculture and heavy industry are developed. Cotton-growing, horticulture, karakul breeding and cocoon industry dominate in agriculture. The industry of region is presented by mining, gold mining and energy undertakings as well as factories of building materials from local marble one of the best in the world.
Khanaka Kasim-Sheikha (the town Karmana, Navoi viloyat)

"Once you have become the companion of the road,
it calls you again. The road lies outside the door
of your house full of charm and mystery".

Graham, Stephen
Through Russian Central Asia (1916)