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Djizak is located at the foot of the ridge and emerged on site of one trading settlement. The town is petty, but ancient. Linguists indicate that the name of the town derives from the word dizek - hell.
In the past, the life was not easy here. To lead the economy was possible only by means of irrigation. Djizak was supplied with water by only small river Sanzar, flowing from mountains. The population used the water entirely on irrigation and therefore it was always in demand.
In I-VI centuries, Kushanian rulers built a fortress at the entrance of the town. In VIII century, a wall was constructed around the town and restored several times in the sequel. The town is mentioned in the records of Arabic Pilgrims from 10 century. Djizak was the centre of Bukhara Emirates from 2-d half of XIX century until Russian Conquest.
Modern Djizakis quite a big town with its industry and personal architectural individuality. The monument stele with a bronze legend bird Humo attracts attention, standing on a high hill in the centre of Djizak. It is seen from great distance. This monument is dedicated to Djizak Insurrection of 1916. During World War I the Imperial Russia, stood on site of Antanta experienced serious difficulties with search of necessary human resources.
The Natives of Turkistan region were exempted from Military Service by Law until the 2-d year of the war. The Emperor Nikolay II issued a decree on mobilization of turkistanians for rear works dated 25 June 1916. It arose disturbance and also serious actions against authorities in many places. Djizak became a centre of insurrection where on 13 July 1916 insurrectionists destroyed the mobilization lists, furthermore they initiated armed opposition.
The Regular Army was thrown to Djizak that suppressed the insurrection in a month, incinerated the Old Town and neighbouring villages. The land was confiscated from tillers participators of insurrection. Summer events of 1916 in Djizak, commemorated by grand monument are one of the most brightest pages of national liberation movement in Uzbekistan of XX century.

"Once you have become the companion of the road,
it calls you again. The road lies outside the door
of your house full of charm and mystery".

Graham, Stephen
Through Russian Central Asia (1916)