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Andijan†(329 thousand†people)
Andijan is the administrative centre of Andijan viloyat Ė the smallest (1% of territory) in Uzbekistan, but the most populous (9% of population). The town is one of the ancient in Fergana Valley. Immemorial Andukan was famous in ’ c. as a big trading and handicraft town. However, there is a presumption that it existed on the Great Silk Road in first centuries BC.
A poet and writer Zakhriddin Mukhammad Babur was born in Andijan. Also he was a statesman, a founder of dynasty of Great Moguls and the author of ďBaburnameĒ. The town became the capital of whole Fergana Valley in time of Baburís ancestors (Timurids).
After uniting with Russia, Andijan was given preference again: cotton, butter-making, soap-making factories and great number of artisan undertakings came to service here more than anywhere else. A new town of European development with banks, churches and offices of petroleum and coal enterprises grew rapidly, but in 1902 the development of the town was intermitted by ruinous earthquake.
Furthermore, in the past Andijan was famous as a producer of silk and cotton textiles, exported well over borders of Fergana Valley. Modern Andijan is a large industrial centre, the airlines link the town with cities such as Tashkent, Moscow, St-Petersburg, also with cities of Caucasus and Crimea. The long warm period (around 210 days a year) is advantageous to growing of thermophilic cultures, namely, cotton, mulberry, vine in outskirts of the town.
The Memorial Park of Bobur is situated in seven kilometers to south-east from Andijan. It was opened in 1993 to celebrate bringing of the soil from Boburís grave in Kabul.† The marble depository of the soil is the centre of the garden, widespread on hills which Bobur loved to visit and where he came to say good bye prior to leaving Andijan forever. The small museum of Babur with the elevator to the top of the hill is located there as well.

"Once you have become the companion of the road,
it calls you again. The road lies outside the door
of your house full of charm and mystery".

Graham, Stephen
Through Russian Central Asia (1916)